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Protest Call against pending closing!

„When nothing moves - Resistance is everything!"

("WE N N  N I X  M E H R  G E H T  I S T  W I D E R S T A N D  A L L E S! “ . . . )

Call for Protest Action for the BUTCHERIE

Vienna, April 24th 2006

1. Public Protest Action on May 1st 2006, at 6 pm, open end

with Art+Theater+Music+Eating+Drinking+Discussion+Actions
at the BUTCHERIE, Kirchengasse 44, 1070 Wien
Info at
OFFICE: Burggasse 34, fon/fax +4315240738

Protest call against pending cut-backs of artistic subsidies 2006-07 for PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO at the BUTCHERIE, an indispensable part of Vienna's free theater scene! COme to the rescue of democratic pluralism of Austria's cultural life!

With great concern we are witnessing the last decisions of the so-called "Vienna Theater Reform“...

whose delared goal it once was - follwoing the motto "All or Nothing" - to benefit particularly small and very small theaters and groups! Based on last NEWS from the cultural department of the City of Vienna, the total oppsoite is now taking place: the further existance of the PROJEKT THEATER STUDIOS at the BUTCHERIE as well asd many other artists, theaters and groups is in acute danger!

The PROJEKT THEATER has over more than 15 years enriched the free theater scene and especially the cultural life of the 7th district (where it is currently located).

Grounded in continuous and consequent theatrical work processes, PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO has opened a dialogue on innvoative approaches to contemporary texts and new aesthethic strategies, as well as the development of socio-cultural theaterical formats inviting active audience participation.  Its experimental ensemble work is based on open space-concepts and training methods from the international theater canon, offering unusually direct public interaction within an intimate setting. The BUTCHERIE - its new shop-window space inaugurated in the fall of 2004 - has within two short years establisehd itself as vital cultural base-center in Vienna's hip-district "Neubau". Radiating out from here, new maps are being delineated for art&theater in the public space through active integration of people from all walks of life - migrants, youth, elderly, shop-owners, and diverse cultural organizations.

Through a precarious succession of cut-backs in funding since 2004, as well as a recent denial of artistic funds for the group, the entire infrastructure of the BUTCHERIE is now jeopardized! With temporary project-funds the continuity of ensemble-work and artistic developement can no longer be guaranteed!  Simultaneously, the realization of the planned seasonal program 2006-2007, a Two-Year-Cycle entitled „NICE TO MEAT YOU!, Scenes from the Age of TERROR & COOLNESS“ on the topical issue of „Migration&Integration“ with texts by  authors Elfriede Jelinek, Charles Ofoedu and the young-and-upcoming writer Magda Woitzuck is put into question.

Therefore the PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO at the BUTCHERIE is calling for an immediate PROTEST ACTION! - together with its audiences and numerous free theater artists of Vienna similarly effected! What is at stake is nothing less than the protection of essentail public interests of artists and audiences alike.  For this purpose an "Independent Committee for non-conformist theater work“ will be installed immediately (info: office(at) Locally grown artistic structures are not up for sale by neo-liberal "reformers", be in social-political or cultural life!  Theaters and ensembles, built with great intensity over decades, must be preserved in the interest of its public, which subidies culture through its taxes, and to safe-guard basic democratic rights of citizens! The pending loss of dozens of small theaters and groups in Vienna will result in a grave starving of the city's theatrical life and extend a process of disempowerment of artists and an empoverishment of culture in our country!

Dear Friends of the BUTCHERIE,

We are not the only ones suffering from ungrounded cut-backs- this is neither the beginning nor the end of current processes of "burned land"-strategies in culture. Since the onset of teh so-called "Viennese Theater Reform", once proudly isntalled by our incumbant Social-Democratic cultural senator Dr. Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, many free artists, groups and theaters have already been severly harmed or forced to close shop!  As quickly meets the eye, there are many socially-critical and engaged artists as well as women amongst them!  The signal seems to be clear: critical voices shall be silenced whereby the cultural pluralism which since recelty dominated Vienna's "red" cultural politics shall apruptly be brouhgt to an end! This will result in a shrinking of cultural offerings to the public!  

If you vote for the preservation of open art&theater spaces such as the BUTCHERIE as its new location, please sign the attached PROTEST-PETITION and mail/send it back to us (e-mail to or send per mail to OFFICE, Burggasse 34, 1070 Wien).

With warm wishes in solidarity,
yours Eva Brenner & Team.