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Artistic Director: Dr. Eva Brenner (A/USA),


Board of Directors:

Dr. Peter Kreisky (A)

Artur Anzelini (A)

Andreas Pamperl (A)

PR & Presse Relations: Anzelini’s Büro, Monika Anzelini, monika(at)

Responsible for the content: Dr. Eva Brenner (A/USA),


Ensemble (since 2005):

Mise-en-Scène: Eva Brenner (A/USA), Nicolas Dabelstein (D), Corinne Eckenstein (CH)

Stage Design/Technical Director/Video-Documentation: Andreas Pamperl (A)

Costume Design: Beatrice Radlinger (A)

Performance: Clemens Matzka (A), Emel Heinreich (A/TR), Birgit C. Krammer (CH), Maren Rahmann (D), Agnieszka Salomon (PL), YAP Sun Sun (SING)

Assistence: Anna Sonntag (A), Isabel Öhlinger (A)

Management/Bookkeeping: Judit Wlaschitz (H)

Associated Members: Rainer Berson (D, Photographie, Graphics), Oliver Sowa (Computer Solutions), Alexander Schlögl (typo3 setup, Webdesign, Graphics)

Accounting/Yearly Balance: Tax & Accounting Associates Spann & Freund


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