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“… image all the people …“ | 6 days 6 nights at the BUTCHERIE

theatrical marathon performance for the 40th anniversary of 1968 - 144 hours Live-Performance

may 4th - 9th 2008, 8 pm til midnite non-stop | May 10th reflection with artists' brunch at 11 am | pay as you wish

… a theater ensemble explores traces and memories, myths and origins of the cultural heritage of a "generation in revolt”!…

Days: 16 hours of performances with 6 international artistsic teams
Nights: artists' workshops & street performances with activists and students

„Re vo lu ti on - the, [fra, lat. revolvere »roll back, trun around«] in general : turn-about, upheaval, deep rooted transformation.“
- Bastian Wilplinger (A, artist, curator)

Beginning of may, the BUTCHERIE will open its doors widely, turn its insides out and transform the entire space into a "theatrical commune" alliving quarters) whereby the passage ways before the theater are integrated and passersby invited to stop, rest, interact and participate... The artistic exploration deals with the effects, victories and defeats of the 1968-generation, its experiences, ideas, illusions and deceptions. - What of all of it remains today? What has kept - for us, for you - its vitality, significance and relevance? Or perhaps still? Or once again? Or purporsefully now?


May 4th „Literature & Public Life“ Rosemarie Poiarkov (A, author, director, moderator) with Bernd Bösel (philosopher), Victor Halb (writer), Bernhard Jungwirth (Bobo-expert), Johannes Kapeller (sound scientist), FC Jesuitenwiese u.a. Austrian literature with the publication date 68. We use whatever pleases us.  Perhaps also Charles Bukowski. every man is an artists, just some are better than others. We feed on words and use karaoke for lyrics. Who ever dislikes the notion of "We" is a "bobo".
Guest Performance: Renate Ganser (A, literary scholar) – "what is to be done when so many questions burn?", a play with the audience about questions on 1968.

May 5th „Power to Fantasy - Make batiks with Lore & Adam“ Lore Heuermann (D), Adam Wiener (A)

Heuermann (born in 1937) was one of the first artists in Europe in the 60s who dealt intensivley with the Asian influenced artform of "batik" - not only in its variety of treating textiles, but also in its application  to the visual arts in a very ideosyncratic fashion.  Her son, Adam Wiener (born in 1963) also works as free lance visual artist and has experienced working with batiks in his early youth; as an adolescent he even taught "batik" at public community schools.  Nowadays this technique of making "batiks" has been since long coopted by consumer society and is being marketed widely as advertising tool - most people are used to buying baldy batiked T-shirts in large shpping center or outlet-factories run by big coorporations (where cheap labor or even childrens's labor is common practice...)

May 6th "Gimme a 6 – gimme an 8! Women in Motion“  grauenfruppe (A) Daniela Beuren, Elke Papp, Karin Seidner, Martina Sinowatz, special guest: Monika Herschberger, introducing Béla Papp, video: Martina Eder. “Where have all the Muschis gone?“ As Vienna would (or could?) not welcome women’s (sexual) liberation in May 1968, it will happen at FLEISCHEREI in 2008, on the 6th day of May, as of 8 am. grauenfruppe, a collective of four women authors and performers who were too young then to be active in the rebellion themselves, follow (their own) liberation with good vibes and commitment. Fighting for and competing with Muschis (pussies), the four women, at times supported (?) by a child, show what 1968 means to them today and how they approach the theme: not (only) via teach-ins but rather in a provocative confrontation with their situation as individuals in a collective and with the audience. Several breakfast settings invite the audience to share the pleasurable experience of the political/personal/psychotherapeutic struggle that women face every day. “Muschis on tour“: During a beamer show in the basement, Monika Herschberger, visual artist, calls her Muschi objects by name and tells their stories.

Mai 7th „Prague 68 as Center of Upheaval“ Maren Rahmann (D), Sepp Neustifter (A), Jaroslav Koran (CZ) u.a.
The artistic team uses interdisciplinary methods (music, video- and film-projectionsliterature and performance) to forge a new approach to the revolutionary days in August 1968. The 16-hour performance will be structured around specific time-slots and codes: Time of Opening/spring and summer, Timje of Review/fall and winter. Themes include "Socialism with a Human Face“, the role of dissidents, and the significance of art and culture in social (societal) processes of change.

May 8th “68 RPM (revolutions per minute)” - Marx Hafner (A) +error
Situationistic interventionale installation "sous les paves la plage, et maintenant il pleut" play with images of desire of and about ´68 and its results.  we are now sitting at the beach but it is raining... social agents of "spectacles" mix with backdrops of revolution, agitpop, children's laughter, the sounds of rolling tanks and of molotow cocktails. summing it up: polyphony just like once in may...

Mai 9th „theater happens“  - Jutta Schwarz (A), Brigitte Wilfing (A), Ada Szer (A) – and foreplays by guests, allusions, planning games, prepartaions and special services - actions, associations, traces, reflections, roads, signs, motifs, witnesses, discussions - theater happens, performances and lectures, cooking and chewing - surplus value and value of nourishment, „ 68’ we did not just cook with water...“,  hot spieces: special guest: dada X! samples and judgemenets of taste, videos, liveact, DJing. „today (08) we are also not just simmering away like no-thing…“ „Each and every act or action is political.  What counts is if and how much the actors are conscious of their own actions“. This was, in my opinion, the basic insight which I took with me from the may-68-atmosphere in Vienna when in fall of 68 I came to Munichas an actress at the mainstream Kammerspiele. There, things were already cooking heavily"…. Jutta Schwarz

10.Mai Reflection | Brunch with artists and audience, 11 am

Space Design & Video-documentation: Andreas Pamperl (A)
Library if books and magazines on “1968” available for use during performance times at the BUTCHERIE



Performance Recitation based on textes by Elfriede Jelinek
Artistic Direction: Eva Brenner (A/USA)
Performance: Maren Rahmann (D), Jutta Schwarz (A)
Spatial Designs/Videos: Andreas Pamperl (A)
Live Musik: Michael Fischer (A)
Assistent: Ewa Schiller (D)

Preview Performance: May 3rd, 8 pm - FLEISCHEREI

followed by a Talk with Fritz Keller (A, Author "Vienna May 68. A Hot Quarter of an Hour" / "Wien Mai 68.  Eine heisse Viertelstunde", Mandelbaum Verlag 2008)

Opening: 7. Mai, 6 pm - Open Air Performance Procession

Meeting Point at 6 pm: Corner Burggasse/Bandgasse, 1070 Wien
Prozession Trhough Bandgasse til Westbahnstrasse
Final Performance: Courtyard "White House", Westbahnstrasse starting at 7 pm

As part of the District Festival Opening Neubau 2008
and the new theater initiative „DORFPLATZ : neubau(en) 08“ [Village Place : neubau(en) 08]

(BUTCHERIE, Tanz Atelier Wien, Jewish Theater of Austria, Theater SPIELRAUM, pink zebra theatre)

Additional Performances of "DORFPLATZ : neubau(en) 08"

Tanz Atelier Wien (

Jam Session, Monday, April 21st, 7 pm
Improvisation in the streets (Bandgasse, 1070 Wien), Wed., April 30th, 6 pm

Jewish Theater of Austria (

Performance - followed by discussion, Wed. May 14th, 8 pm
Performance - followed by discussion, Thurs, May 15th, 8 pm

Theater Spielraum (

Performance in the Lobby, Fr. May 16th, 7.30 pm
Performance in the Lobby, sa., May 17th, 7.30 pm




CREATING ALTERNATIVES 2: no justice no peace!

[1938 - 1968 - 2008]

Soziotheatrical projects with thetopic "Migration/Integration/Participation"
... Research & Development ontow tracks in 9 working formats ...

Ouvertüre: “One space More”  

Special Event at the occasion of the OPENING of the NEW BASMENT SPACES  at the BUTCHERIE
Thursday, Februar 7th, 7 pm
with dance, theater, installations, buffet & party
Performance/Installations: Maren Rahmann (D), Angélica Castelló (MEX), Lore Heuermann (A), Maja Osojnik (SL), Sibylle Starkbaum (A), Sun Sun YAP (SGP), Jutta Schwarz (A) u.a.

The spaces are nowavaialbe for rent!

Witz und Spott im Dritten Reich

dramatisiert, vorgetragen und gesungen von Ottwald John & Franz Richard Reiter
Violine: Mosa Sisic
Montag, 11., und 25. 2. 2007, 19:30 Uhr
nach dem Buch von Franz Danimann „Flüsterwitze und Spottgedichte unterm Hakenkreuz“
Eine Dokumentation der alltäglichen Unterdrückung und des Widerstandswillens breiter Schichten.
Witze und Gedichte - dazu die einschlägigen Gesetze.

Der Autor des Buches, auf das sich das Programm stützt, Hofrat Dr. Franz Danimann, war wegen seiner Widerstandstätigkeit insgesamt sechs Jahre inhaftiert war - davon drei Jahre im KZ Auschwitz.

Aus dem Inhalt: Propaganda und Maulkorb, Der deutsche Gruß, Hitler, Göring und der Reichstagsbrand, Parteibonzen im Gruppenbild, Die Österreicher und das Reich, Meckerer und Miesmacher, Die österreichischen Leckermäuler, Der Alltag im Dritten Reich, Vom Antisemitismus zum Massenmord, Beichtstuhl und Kanzel, Sieg um jeden Preis, Zusammenbruch und danach

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