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VILLAGE PLACE: neubau(en) 08

Artistic Cooperation
and District Festival Opening

BUTCHERIE - JewishTheater Austria - office for subversive architecture - pink zebra theatre - Tanz Atelier Wien - Theater SPIELRAUM

Five theater and dance initiatives in Vienna's 7th district "Neubau" take to the streets with excerpts and improvisations from their performances - results or start-ups, intermimistic reports, end-points or simply resumés of their respective dealings with the years with a magic figure "8" - 1848, 1918, 1938, 1948, 1968,... up til 2008!

The performances are shown both at the opening event on May 7th as well as in the five theater spaces at different evenings and shall incite the curiosity to see more. The noted archtiectural group osa functions as connecting element with its large-scale yet subtle spatial installations in the public space of the 7th district street "Bandgasse", glueing the different happengisn together.  The special project "veiling practice" it focuses its attention to a central region within the district: well-known elements of the street's outward appearence - shapes of doors, windows, wall fragments - are camouflaged with precious textiles and thus acquire a new, astranged  meaning.

The BUTCHERIE deals with the memory of 1968 with texts by Nobel Pirze Laureate Elfriede Jelinek, the Jewish Theater Austria focues its scenes on the years 1888, 1938, 1948 and 1988, pink zebra theatre deals with the establishement of Apartheid 1948 in Sout Africa as well as the founding of the state of Israel in the same year while Theater SPIELRAUM presents a cross-cut of historical and literary texts from 1848 til today and the dance theater group "Tanz Atelier Wien" understands its contribution as a field research, appropriation process and communication offer: the urban space as interpreted through the interventions of dance

The initiative "DORFPLATZ : neubau(en) 08" stands for artistic opening and community exchange - be it amongst each other, with the neigbohrs of the district and beyond. 


OPENING: May 7th 2008, 7 pm gallery "White house"

Art Assocation and gallery "white house" [das weisse haus] ( Westbahnstraße 11-13/Hof

(beginning of processions 6 pm)

Around the joint opening performance singular projects by the five groups are to be seen presented in roration at the five locations of the theaters and special joint events and encounters are programmed - public performances and joint ventures, e.g. on May 8th between 8 am and 8 pm - in diffenrent constellations.

detailed programm see:


Foreplay ‘68: "RED WASH" [ROTWÄSCHE]

Performance Recitation with texts by Elfriede Jelinek (1968)

Contribution of the BUTCHERIE to
"VILLAGE PLACE: neubau(en) 08"
Rights: Rowohlt Verlag, Hamburg

Site-specific Procession in the public space - in the Bandgasse and gallery "White House”, 1070 Wien

The performance project is part of the opening of the district festival Neubau 2008 and the initiative „DORFPLATZ: neubau(en) 08“ - a cooperation between Tanz Atelier Wien, Jewish Theater of Austria, Theater Spielraum, pink zebra theatre. With installations in the public space by OSA - office for subversive architecture.

Artistic Direction: Eva Brenner (A/USA) Performance: Maren Rahmann (D) & Jutta Schwarz (A)Spatial Design/videos: Andreas Pamperl (A), Live music: Michael Fischer (A) Assistent: Ewa Schiller (D)

At the special occasion of the district festival opening on May 7th 2008 two textual surfaces collide: Excerpts from the lyrical cycle „ENDE - gedichte von 1966 - 1968“ by Jelinek are juxtaposed from a historical perspective and enter into dialogue with „RED WASH“, an as yet un-performed manifest-text from the year 68, Jelineks' draft for a political-artistic action conceived for an underground space near Stuttgart (Germany) - created jointly with the composer Wilhelm Zobl and the painter Aramis.

"RED WASH" is both the ouverture and forms part of the group's main project at the BUTCHERIE in 2008 - the theatrical marathon performance "SIXTYEIGHT.. .imagine all the people“. For 6 days in a row an interdisciplinary ensemble commonly commemorates the worldwide rebellions of 1968 at the occasion of its 40th anniversary.


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