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Download: Transformance – Theater des Aufbruchs 2012


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Projekt Theater Studio / FLEISCHEREI

Artistic Director: Eva Brenner (A/USA)


PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO – founded in Vienna in May of Mai 1998 as part of PROJEKT THEATER / Vienna-New York – is one of Austria’s main center for experimental theater and performance work with international orientation and participation and an integrated acting ensemble. The team at the STUDIO aims at collective developments of new performance vocabularies on the basis of contemporary literary texts and themes of cultural and political import, e.g. texts by Austrian writers Marlene Streeruwitz, Nobel Prize winning Elfriede Jelinek or Werner Schwab as well as Samuel Beckett or Else-Lasker-Schüler


In 2004 the STUDIO opened of a new performance space – the FLEISCHEREI, a local shop with large “windows to the world” in the heart of the 7th Vienna District – a meeting point between artistic work, research and interaction with the district’s inhabitants as well as new social movements, migerants, refugees or women over 50.  Production cycles included “NICE TO MEAT YOU!, Scenes from the Age of TERROR & COOLNESS”, or „CREATING ALTERNATIVES“ seeking to develop a new political „THEATER OF EMPOWERMENT” by focussing on socio-theatrical experimentation with special target groups. Shows are staged both at the  BUTCHEREI and at local restaurants, associations and cultural centers of neighbouring districts attracting new audiences. Since then, about 2000 people – amongst them close to 50% of migrant heritage – have participated in the events of the BUTCHERIE. 2008-09 new working formats included socio-theatrical projects with migrants and refugees in site-specific performances in the public space: ASYLCAFÉ and ON AXIS: everyone is leaving home”. 2009 brought about increased international touring, the guest performance „HAMLETMASCHINE 09: The end of Enlightenment“ by Heiner Müller (Castillo Theater/NYC) and “ON AXIS” at the Street Theater festival CERVANTINO, Guanajuato, Mexiko, Since 2008 the BUTCHERIE produces the Exchange project Austria-Israel „VILLAGE WITHOUT BORDERS: Theater Xchange Neubau/Vienna-Tel Aviv/Jaffa.



Manifest FLEISCHEREI 2008


Manifest FLEISCHEREI 2009