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phase 2 of the process-oriented theaterwork with women over fifty

in cooperation with the assocation „Zeitenblicke"

Artistic directors: Eva Brenner (mise-en-scène) and Silvia Both (dance- and movement training, choreography/ t a n z p o o l)

1. Showing: „Better Furnishing Better Living“
December 4th 2008, 9 pm, Basement FLEISCHEREI

Performances are planned for February 2009

The socio-theatrical project "CAFÈ 50+" was begun in March of 2008 and first results shown in public as work-in-progress on June 4th 2008 at the BUTCHERIE.  In the following month the group was invited to the international SCHIELE fest....2008 in Tulln and Neulengbach (Lower Austria) where fragments of the springs laboratory work were shown with a special focus on WWI as seen through the memories of the women's grand-mothers.

CAFÉ 50* phase 2 contiues on this path of the work. It will bring forth theatrical scenes and structures based on contemporary texts, autobiographical material and memories of women ofter fifty in the attempt to elucidate central breaking points of recent history: the time shortly after the war, i.e. the time of the women's youth. Focal points of the reaserch are 20th century breatking points relived through personal stories and memoires, times of upheaval as well as individual turning points seen from a unqiue personal perspective.  The work is dedicated to themes, historical backgrounds and consequences of a time of departure and reconstruction after WW II.  It was a time where new lives, hopes and dreams fwere lived out, where a reconstruction-generation explored its new possibilities - reaching from the newest kitchen-furnishing, fashion or the first own car, the pursuit of the first vacation to Italy or the south pacific....  In contrast to these memoires stand the current experiences of the women's children - between the ages of 30-50 - who live in times of globalizaion and have no more personal nor prefssional securities to expect.
The theatrical starting point of the work is a yellow 50s-style table ...

With special support of MA 57 (women) and Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs (bm:sk).