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ON AXIS 2010: all coming to us


Socio-Theatrical Main Project 2010
in cooperation with, Asyl in Not, Verein Ute Bock


Artistic Main Conduct:
Eva Brenner (A/USA)

Eva Brenner, Marta Gómez (E), Sakina (Kurdistan), Juan Pablo Vacaflor del Carpio (BOL)


"THE ART OF LIFE_transition"
socio-theatrical & interactive art projects
- designgs of action for the future 



  • We, May 19th 2010, 5 p.m.
    Guest performance
  • Tue, 8th - Thu, 10th June, 7 a.m. each day,
    in cooperation with, Asyl in Not,
    Verein Ute Bock

    Admission: Donation (€ 10,- welcome)

  • Fr, June 11th, 4-10 p.m.

    The first street-festival Kirchengasse/Siebensterngasse
    In cooperation with Einkaufsstraßenverein
    "Interessensgemeinshaft der Kaufleute KIRCHENGASSE/SIEBENSTERNGASSE"
    action "art meets economy meets migration"
    and Tanz Atelier Wien


The 2nd season of the BUTCHERIE’s project, first initiated in 2009, again is signalling tolerance, integration and xenophilous openness. The socio-theatrical procession brings artists, asylum seekers, migrants and small trades/wo/men together: in a playful/ritual way this project explores possibilities and problems of life together in times of the crisis and projects them onto the city’s public space. The audience follows the performers, starting from a „asylum bureau of mobile legal advice“ (BUTCHERIE/Lokanta Oase), towards the Turkish bakery or the African tailor, in restaurants, shops and bars, passing In-boutiques and places in public space – to the Grand Finale with wine, dance and song.



ON AXIS/ON TOUR 2010: all coming to us
Co-existence – how to live together?


Locations of the socio-theatrical Street procession ON AXIS 2010: all coming to us are places in public space, shops and bars in the elegant 7th and the multicultural 16th Viennese district. The audience strolls with the actors and performers to different position where short scenes are taking place, giving short insights into the theatre-workshop, into the life of asylum seekers, their hopes and dreams and their often precarious working conditions, in direct interchange with the salesmen.

Scenic, visual, musical fragments and haptic moments mingle into a meandering theatrical procession through the district, which the audience learns to see with different eyes for a shorttime.  Its goal is the immediate creative interaction between refugees in Austria and representatives of the majority of society and the crystallisation of a new “political theatre”, exploring aesthetic interfaces of theatrical fiction, real life stories, enacting of site-specific spaces and historical-political process of change.



Intercultural Life as a quality feature of living together in peace in 3 stages:

  • May 19th 2010, from 5 p.m.: guest performance at SOHO IN OTTAKRING
    Starting point:
    Restaurant Oase, Friedmanngasse 14, 1160 Vienna
  • June 8th – 10th 2010, from 7 p.m. each day
    Starting point: BUTCHERIE, Kirchengasse 44, 1070 Wien
  • June 11th 2010 from 4 p.m.: VILLAGE SQUARE/ON AXIS 2010,
    Street Festival in the 7th District

    Starting point: Siebensternplatz, 1070 Wien



… in detail:

On May 19th the BUTCHERIE moves with its first appearance in the festival SOHO IN OTTAKRING

from Vienna Neubau across the “border of glass” of Gürtel, a geopolitical Step, strengthening the growing solidarity between the both biotopes, far off isolation processes – gentrification, swings to the right or growing xenophobia.


From June 8th to 10th the iconic theatre-procession moves, in cooperation with and Asyl in Not in the 7th Viennese District along the “axis” Kirchengasse/Siebensterngasse and continues 2009’s controversy. Scenes developed in the 16th district are adapted and layered on the new map. Social and cultural parallels – congruence and difference – are being visualised and projected into the public space. In 2010, new groups of artists and shops “on axis” expand the project. 


On June 11th , the BUTCHERIE celebrates the freshly established street festival VILLAGE SQUARE/ON AXIS 2010 together with the Tanz Atelier Vienna, other cultural organisations and local sales/wo/men in the area. Its goal, in cooperation with IG Kaufleuten der Kirchengasse/Siebensterngasse, is a popular feast, linking lived solidarity and visibility of resident cultural workers, with efficiency increase of local economy. 



Four Team-Projects


4 chosen single projects, integrated into the main course:

The sub-Saharan actor Francis Okpata (NG) and the dancer/actor Raúl Macías (MEX) are leading the procession, accompanied by musicians.


I.  of victories and defeats…

Conduct: Eva Brenner (A/USA)
With: Stephanie Waechter (A), Anne Wiederhold (D), Raúl Macías (MEX)

Assistance/Dramaturgical assistance: Anita Raidl (A), Marlene Weseslindtner (A/D)

This teams builds texts by Elfriede Jelinek about the “Rechnitz-Scandal” (“Im Zweifelsfall”, 2009) and fragments of the contemporary play „Cortés & Moctezuma“ by the Bolivian Hugo Santander Ferreira  into scenic monologues in public space. Two messengers as Dirndl-dresses-up Clowns force the procession to stop at the butchery, competing for supremacy – a deadly monologue about the yet unatoned murder of 180 Jewish forced labourers during a entourage feast at the castle of countess Margit of Batthyány. They encounter with the ritual recitative of a Mexican in the impressive feather trimming of Aztec-king Montezuma, shortly before his self-abandonment – a synonym of the proud outsider. Experience of exclusion, persecution, migration, mass-murder, colonisation and stigmatization of the foreign are demonstrated.



II. My neighbour’s plant

Conduct: Marta Gómez (E)

Assistance: Gina Maksan (A/HR)

Inhabitants of the Brunnengasse in the District Ottakring/Neubau care for potted plants for a month, with the condition to return it on May 19th to Yppenplatz/Siebensternplatz.

In a theatrical exchange, the plants change their owners (marked with their provenience) and will be taken care of by some other neighbours, and moved on June 8th-19th to the inhabitants of  Kirchengasse/Siebensterngasse for further fostering.




Conduct: Sakina (Kurdistan)

With: Michael Fischer (A)

Sakina’s texts about voyages and borders are accompanied by Michael Fischer’s experimental-improvised music. To show the diversity and beauty of intercultural coexistence, songs will be sung in many languages, with an invitation to sing along. Along with the words, envisions and melodies, the listeners will start a voyage into their inner realms, immerse into the world of an admitted political refugee, a singing migrant, who will hold her special mirror before us.




Leitung: Juan Pablo Vacaflor del Carpio (BOL)

Mit: Stefanie Dufhues (D), Mischa G. Hendel (A), Katharina Lauritsch (A),

Heidi Mitterdorfer (A), Shah Mohammad (AFG), Amini Shirkahn (AFG), Mario Sitter (A)


Assistance: Theresa Koppler (A)

Finishing the procession, this group hosts a „Feast“ in the Restaurant Fania/the BUTCHERIE, concentrating on such values – as concrete utopias – essential for building a fair society.  „In our theatre-workshop, we give up the thought of knowing, doing, wanting anything. We celebrate the joy of being-together with our audience, which is invited to give up their restraints for an hour and to participate with delight in our ritual.”





Project Directors:

  • Eva Brenner (A/USA),
  • Marta Gómez (E),
  • Pablo Vacaflor del Carpio (BOL),
  • Sakina (Kurdistan)

Supporting Team:

  • Heidemarie Ambrosch (A, Administration),
  • Monika Anzelini (A, PR & PRESS),
  • Michael Genner (A, Asyl in Not/Beratung),
  • Erich Heyduck (A, Technical Conduct),
  • Markus Kuscher (A, Costume, Requiste),
  • Anita Raidl (A, Dramaturgy, Production),
  • Derya Schuberth (TR, Foto),
  • Matija Serdar (A, Video),
  • Marlene Weseslindtner (A/D, Dramaturgy),
  • Moritz Wilfing (A, Technical Conduct),
  • Assistance: Zuzana Cirakova (SK), Theresa Koppler (A),
    Martin Minarik (D/SK)


  • Dada Alexander
  • Santos Antonio (Angola, Musik),
  • Mussa Babapatl (NIG, Musik),
  • Franca Chinwe Ibegbulem (NG),
  • Didar Can (A),
  • Zuzana Cirakova (SK),
  • Stefanie Dufhues (D),
  • Michael Fischer (A, Musik),
  • Michael Genner (A, Asyl in Not),
  • Mischa G. Hendel (A),
  • Katharina Lauritsch (A),
  • Raúl Macías (MEX),
  • Gloria Offof (NIG),
  • Francis Okpata (NIG),
  • Ouedraogo Ousmenei (BF),
  • Chara Owotumi (NIG),
  • Maren Rahmann (D),
  • Heinz Rossbacher (A),
  • Mario Sitter (A),
  • Evgenia Stavropoulou (GR),
  • Katharina Wagner (A),
  • Anne Wiederhold (D) u.a.

Photos AUF ACHSE 2010 @ Vienna, 7th district

AUF ACHSE 2010: June 8th to 10th 2010
DORFPLATZ/AUF ACHSE 2010: June 11th 2010

(c) Derya Schuberth



May 19th 2010, Photos (c) Derya Schuberth (TR)