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International ensembles

fe/male polaroids (A)
founded and directed by Corinne Eckenstein and Rainer Berson. The emphasis of our work is on the cross-over of dance, theatre, performance and fine art. Central is the examination of the body and how it is mirrored in society, adapts, deforms or fights it, resists. fe/male marks the perception, which is female, always in search of what this is. polaroids stands for pictures, which become artificial quickly and nonetheless emanate from an existing moment.

mamapapa (CZ)
founded in Prag in 1996, a.o. with Floating Islands (Mnichovo Hradisti), Tales in the Wind (Mala Lhota) and with projects inside the Hermit Foundation. Projects since 1998: Griftheater 1998, Lightlab, Eclipse, Demolition (1999), Live Art Symposion, City Landscape, In/Grain/ed Culture, Buckwheat and Corn, Body as a Boiler, KVAS (2000). At the moment mamapapa continue the development of the LightLab-project. Lightlab is an open, interdisciplinary plattform and a mobile technological studio with the idea to accomodate seminars, workshops and symposia there. A place for experiments, a special location for something like a wondrous theatre. The group works as a core team and is enlarged, with changing line-up, depending on the place.

founded in Graz in 1994. Important component of the work of Theater ASOU are continuous cooperations with international theatermakers from East and West, as well as regular guest performances in Germany, Hungary, Costa Rica, Venezuela und Columbia. Productions a.o. „What? Who?“ (based on S. Beckett), „Danshaku“ (Butoh-Performance), „Kinuta“ (with means of the Noh-Theater), “Speaking Stones” (collaboration of the author Kaite O'Reilly, the director Phillip B. Zarrilli and Theater ASOU), „Out of the frame – Kinski“ (based on texts by Klaus Kinski, guest performance 2004 at PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO). "The taming of the shrew" Graz 2004, director: Stephen Wangh (New York), guest performance dietheater Künstlerhaus 2004, "The abigails" (2005), director: Phillip B. Zarrilli, Japan tour.

ILeMOUVANTE - Ateliers Internationaux D’Arts Contemporains, Sant’Antonino (F), was founded in Corsica in 2004 by Monika Anzelini (A), Artur Anzelini (A) and Eva Brenner (A/USA) in cooperation with the president of the FOYER RURAL DE SANT’ANTONINO, Etienne Marcelli (F), the mayor Sant’Antonino. It is a non-profit association for cultural activities for the purpose of advancing the educational, informational and intellectual, social and artistic status of its members. It will – over all – organize the yearly workshop ILeMOUVANTE, to guarantee a professional and wellprepared cultural event, based on international experiences and contacts inside of Corsica and abroad.

LE THÉ À TROIS (F), Pietrosella, is one of Corsica’s leading contemporary theater companies with an impressive history of performances at internationally important festivals (…), touring across the island of Corisca throughout the year, performing both at its own “theater” in Pietrosello near Ajaccio, as well as outdoors in small communities and villages. An exceptional effort is made to bring contemporary and engaging new theater to new audiences of all ages and walks-of-live – audiences and communities which historically have not been exposed to this kind of culture.

TEATR LAZNIA NOWA (PL), Cracow, an independent, non-profit initaitive founded and run by artists for the artists of the performing and living arts. Over the past seven years, it has been operating out of a cellar space – a former ritual Jewish “bath” – in the old Jewish quarter of Cracow, Kazimierz. Today the company counts as one of the leading young alternative theatres in Poland with international ties and an active touring program. Laznia has performed plays by Shakespeare and renowned Polish writers such as Slavomir Mrozek – a mentor of the company- and international authors such as Jean Genet, Sarah Kane, and Dea Loher. Starting in 2004, Teatr Laznia has been offered a special grant by the City of Cracow to establish a new cultural institution in an industrial part of Nowa Huta, For the first time in Poland a multi-discipline cultural institution is founded in a post-industrial area, set to provide new socially conscious theater- and arts-projects to revitalize a problem-ridden suburb and to lend its population of 300 000 a new cultural identity. Under the new name LAZNIA NOWA, the company is now in the process of adapting an old factory of 2700m_ to form a meeting-point for local artists and audiences and to house interdisciplinary arts programs: theater, music, visual arts, educational and youth activities, cinema, international guest performances and the city-wide international festival “Genius Loci” (founded in 2005 in Kazimierz by Bartosz Szydlowski). The project aims at becoming a pulsating network for “integrational acitivities” on all levels of comtemporary culture with the purpose of bridging the gap between art, new media, education, and social consciousness – between art and community. The group’s focus is on “site-specific” artworks and provocative new theatre directed at young audiences, interchange with non-professionals, and performances based on topical new plays with music, video, and visuals. While Laznia Nowa is geared towards Nowa Huta inhabitants and particularly city-, street-, and youth-culture by collaborating with schools, local arts- cultural associations and crafts companies, an expansion of international exchange projects will integrate Polish culture further into a “New Europe”. Together with artists from all over Europe, new artistic forms for non-theatrical spaces will be developed on a regular basis.

theater turbine (A)
founded 2002 by the director Nicolas Dabelstein, the stage designer Johannes Leitgeb and the commercial theatre manager Elisabeth Perner. The projects are on the one hand based on researched and written (authentic) alternatively dramatised material, on the other hand complete plays. theater turbine deals with the topic individuality and individuation of human beings, the focus is on stories of individual failure and self-assertion. Our intention is to build a network with artists in Austria and its neighbouring countries, to stimulate old cultural links. The emphasis shall be on the artistic exchange through cooperations and guest performances.