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OPENING: 02nd of March 2002 7 p.m. through Dr. Hubert Salden (Direktor Kunsthalle Tirol)
SPACE/Installation: Lore Heuermann: Landstr. Hauptstr. 9/ 29; 1030 Wien
with Performance: Lore Heuermann (drawing action), Dance: Walter Lauterer, PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO, Dieter Rehberg, Music: ticom - Günther Zechberger („affaires“, original composition)
Opening times: 3rd until 23rd of March, 3-7 p.m., Tue.- Sat.  Catalogue about the installation available
Finissage: 23rd of March 2002  8 p.m.
With Performance: Kazuko Kurosaki dances, Lore Heuermann draws
Afterwards concert with "Visions of Kaya - The songs of the Inanna", Composition/Singing: Karin Hackl, Singer/Composer, Vienna), Celtic Harp: Zsuzsanna Anzinger, Drums: Thomas Navratil, Gongs: Helga Doria Siegl
INANNA is the archetypical "Great goddess" of the ancient tribe of the Sumerer, the threefold goddess of heaven, earth and of the underworld, who descended into the underworld, the predecessor of all oriental mother-goddesses.
PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO presents an exhibition for the first time. Lore Heuermann, who has painted and drawn in the rehearsals and shows of the Studio for a number of years,  took her cooperation as well as the project ”PHANTOM : LIEBE” (Theme of the theatre productions since 2000) as a cause for showing her positions on love in the form of an installation. According to the challenges of the space – no traditional theater, but an open, empty space - Heuermann uses the whole STUDIO for her installation, that will leave a unique imprint on the room for the duration of three weeks. She will develop her concept from the shape of this space, a main room and two nearly identical adjoining rooms, which open parallel in the background. Europe, China, Japan: Three forms of love, three ways of dealing with love, how the artist herself has experienced in these cultures, will be confronted with each other in an associative manner.
”... It is this moment of neutralisation of inn and out, that draws me in. And for a short moment the separation between me and the world is cancelled.” - Lore Heuermann
Lore Heuermann (A/D), painter, graphic artist, installation- and performanceartist, born 1937 in Münster, Westphalia/Germany, lives in Vienna since 1956. Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Academy of the Grand Chaumière, Paris. Numerous Awards, book publishings, personal exhibitions and exhibition participations, a.o. in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, USA, Cuba, Turkey, Japan, China, Thailand, Pakistan, India.
The Installation
Room 1 central - The main room signals handling of „Love“ in Europe, the christian-westerly culture. This is about darkness, gravity, matter that adheres to, the earth, hence the dark paper.
Room 2 right – deals with China, the older „mother“-culture, which Heuermann associates not only with nature and religion, but also with vastness, stillness, meditation, especially with the element „water“.
Room 3 left - was reserved for Japan in ist cool, composed verticality. Lore Heuermann associates with Japan the element „fire“, orientated from below to above, the human being trapped between heaven and hell.
Additionally three poems, which are linked to the three cultures are projected or rather mounted onto the white floor.

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