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10th to 16th of May 2004
daily 6 p.m. to 12 p.m.


For a new location for "Different Theatre"

Week of action with 70 national and international artists

Manifestos, Readings, Concerts, Installations, Performances & Roundtable-Talks in the STUDIO & site-specific in the crossing area Burggasse-Kirchengasse. Symbolical move into the FLEISCHEREI (BUTCHERY).

Press conference: Monday, 10th of May 2004, 10 a.m.
PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO, Burggasse 28-32, 1070 Wien

The week of action of PROJEKT THEATER, which organised a seven-day-long festival of solidarity in times of crisis for the autonomous theatre - scene, offers manifestos, readings, concerts, exhibitions up to installations and performances as well as roundtable-talks in the STUDIO, at different places in the crossing area Burggasse-Kirchengasse. and in the new room, the FLEISCHEREI (BUTCHERY). Participating national and international artists, combatants and followers of PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO demonstrated their solidarity with one of the few autonomous theatres in Vienna, whose existence was extremely threatened due to the „Theaterreform“, and protested against the threatened closure! A seven day explosion of creativity in times of crisis, infused by nostalgia, protest and zest for a restart.

Highlight was a symbolic moving-ritual into the FLEISCHEREI (BUTCHERY), the new quarter of PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO, which has to leave its previous home base following cutbacks in subsidies.



MON, 10th of MAY

10 a.m.: PRESSCONFERENCE „Every nomad needs a tent!“ About the situation of the Viennese „Theaterreform“ ; PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO

6 p.m.: OPENING with Madeleine Reiser (deputy district president 7th district)

“Dingfest” installation & performance Kristine Tornquist (A) & Vesna Tusek (SL)

„The upswing will set in soon!“ Performance PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO

Symbolic moving-ritual to the FLEISCHEREI (BUTCHERY), Quarter PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO phase 2

Exhibition opening Walter Lauterer, Jakob Scheid, Dieter Rehberg

Talkshow „Without Hope without desperation“ with Ronald Pohl (newspaper Der Standard) & Josef Szeiler (director, Wien) Nocturne Concert with Jaroslav Korán (Percussion, CZ) & Agnes Kutas (Violine, H)


TUE, 11th of MAY

from 6 p.m.: Theatre performance Heinrich Hoffer (A) & Stadttheater „The echo from Neubau“

„The upswing will set in soon !“ ensemble PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO

Qui Gong Open seminar with Su-Jen Wu

Drawing-performance & dance Lore Heuermann (D) & Kazuko Kurosaki (J)

„Murder on the open street“ from „Loneliness of Lust“ (Margit Hahn), performance by Birgit C. Krammer (A)

Round Table Talk 1: „Art in conflict“ / Theatre, politics, Artists, Moderation: Eva Brenner (A/USA), Rainer Waigmann-Angelus (A, Radio Orange)


WED, 12th of MAY

from 6 p.m.: „Nameless“ mask-performance Emel Heinreich (TR)

„1000 names“ performance Luise Kloos (A, Club NEXT Graz)

„Art in/and movement“ film presentation & discussion with Leo Gabriel (A)Presentation of PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO-Concepts 2005-09


THUR, 13th of MAY

from 6 p.m.: „Kinski-Project - Fragment“ Theatre performance, Theater ASOU (Graz)

Reading Isolde Moser, Heinz Bachmann & heirs of Ingeborg Bachmann read diarytexts by Ingeborg Bachmann, followed by a discussion

„On this darkening star“ Theatre performance about texts by I. Bachmann, Maren Rahmann (D) with Live-Music by Konstantin Athanasiadis (A)

Open Mike “DADA” Session „WE NEED SPACE!“ in Cooperation with the Free Scene Vienna, Moderation: Eva Brenner



FRI, 14th of MAY

from 6 p.m.: „Kinski-Project - Fragment“ Theatre Performance, Theater ASOU (Graz)

„Murder on the open street“ from „Loneliness of Lust“ (Margit Hahn), performance by Birgit C. Krammer (A)

„Malpractice. First Viennese Sitting-theatre“, Daniel Kundi & David Weiss read texts by Tanja Schnyder and August Staudenmayer

Performance Statement/Accustic installation by Fred Büchel (CH), Stadttheater Vienna

„aktion kmkm“ performance by Armin Anders and Yoshie Maruoka

Round Table Talk 2 „Intercultural Theatre in Vienna/Salvation of diversity?“ Moderation: Dr. Eva Wallensteiner / Dr. Michael Hüttler (A)

Concert by “Christian & Michael”


SAT, 15th of MAY

from 2 p.m.: Theatrical FLEAMARKET Installation & Public sale of Art: Maren Rahmann (D)

from 6 p.m.: Exhibition opening Barbara Kirner (A) and other friendly artists of PROJEKT THEATER STUDIO

performance solo Josephine Spak (A)

site-specific performance Group „mamapapa“ (CZ)

Concert Karin Hackl & Visions of Kaya (A)

Nocturne Concert Reinhardt Honold & MIND THE GAP (A)


SUN, 16th of MAY

From 6 p.m.: Video Sofia Bustorff (H)

Dance solo Sibylle Starkbaum (A)

„Carlo Giuliani“ reading & visuals, KROK & PETSCHINKA

„Vademecum“ Theatre studio AA, Polish Theatre & Buffet

„The jackal on pilgrimage“ reading & performance “theater turbine” (A/D)„Tears Music“ - Concert by Angélica Castelló (Flutes, MEX), Michael Delia (Percussion, USA) & Sue-Jen Wu (TAIW, Singing)

performance Axel Bagatsch and Theater Memory (D)

site-specific Performance Group „mamapapa“ (CZ)


Final party: Sunday, 16th of May 2004, from 6 p.m.

with DJ Oliver Jauk (A) / ePOPulaire

and daily from 6 p.m. ACTION-MANIFESTOS by Armin Anders

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