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Jahreskonzept 2014

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Das Jahr 2014 beginnt mit einer Serie spanneder neuer Projekte. Den Auftakt setzt die Neufassung der seit 2006 in verschiedenen Fassungen gezeigten erfolgreichen JURA SOYFER-Dramatisierung des Romanfragments SO STARB EINE PARTEI (1934). Der Beitrag zum 80. Jahrestag des gescheiterten Arbeiteraufstands am 12. Februar 1934 wird im Februar im Kulturtcafé Siebenstern uraufgeführt und danach in anderen Bezirken Wiens gezeigt werden.

Ab Januar 2014 bezieht das Team der FLEISCHEREI_mobil einen neuen PROBE- und ARBEITSRAUM gemeinsam mit KollegInnen der freien Theaterszene – den schönen, weißen, Loft-artigen LICHTHOF in der Capistrangasse 2, 1060 Wien – nicht unweit des Wiener Museumsquartier gelegen. Hier soll im ersten Jahr der Zusammenarbeit ein ungewöhnliches Kreativzentrum entstehen, das neue Synergieffekte frei setzt und eine exzellente Plattform für gemeinsame Aktionen und Projekte bietet – Workshops, Diskussionsveranstaltungen, kleinere Performances und Gastspiel-Events.

Das JAHRESKONZEPT  2014 : > Transformance 3 < performing change continued, Common Actions in public space | für eine Performance Kultur des Alltags setzt die Serie Transformance-in-progress  fort und präsentiert Themen und Arbeitsformate, die seit 2011 in Entwicklung sind: Theorie und Praxis: SozioTheater, politische Dramaturgie, Performance in Bewegung, Improvisation des Alltags, Biografie und Erzählung, meine eigene Musik, Rhythmus der Veränderung, Integration, Partizipation, Empowerment, (neue) Ökonomie des Theaters, alternative Vernetzungsstrategien. Vier primäre Arbeitsformate sind in Vorbereitung :

    „AUF ACHSE_DORFLPLATZ 2014: AUF ACHSE_dorfplatz 2014:
    Saison im Kongo – Stück über Patrice Lumumba zum 101. Geburtstag von AIMÉ CESAIRE
    in Kooperation mit den Wiener Einkaufsstraßen/IG der Kaufleute Kirchengasse/ Siebensterngasse, Kulturcafé Siebenstern, Siebensternplatz, umliegende Geschäftslokale
    A „EINE FREMDE STADT!“ – 80 Jahre 12. Februar 1934
    Konzertante Performance nach Soyfers Roman „So starb eine Partei“ (1934)               
    B SEI DU WIE DU, immer. – Ilana Shmueli Projekt
    Performance nach Gedichten und Texten von Ilana Shmueli (IL)
    in Kooperation mit dem Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa
  3. SPECIAL EVENTS:                   
    „ZUR RETTUNG DER DEMOKRATIE 3“ – Europa im Verhältnis zur Welt
    (internationale Ausblicke), in Kooperation mit
    A AUF ACHSE  2014_Integration: voneinander lernen, miteinander leben!
    migrantisches Jugendprojekt in Koproduktion mit dem Integrationsstaatssekretariat
    B „UNRUHIGE ZEITEN“ nach Briefen und Texten von Ingeborg Bachmann/Paul Celan / Wiederaufnahme Wien (MUSA), Gastspiel New York                                         

transformance manifest | Theater des Aufbruchs


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Vierjahreskonzept 2014–2017

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Jahreskonzept 2013

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Jahreskonzept 2012

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Ankündigung dee Aufführung in Israel

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ART OF LIFE_transition 2010

BUTCHERIE Menue 2010

As part of the Yearly Project Cycle 2010:

ART OF LIFE_transition  


Following 2 years of work on ART OF SURIVAL the artistic team of the BUTCHERIE is tackling the theme of ART OF LIFE_transition and is thus consciously turning towards positive new concepts and alternative designs of life. ART OF LIFE_transition is itself a concept of transition to the year 2010, dealing with socio-cultural phenomena and problems of integration and participation in performances, workshops, discussions and socio-theatrical processions in the public space - addressing topical processes of social transformation, breaches and metamorphoses. The project leads to the new 2-year cycle entitled ART OF LIFE beginning in 2011 which will present alternative visions and projects of life and art by way of performance - projects which experiment with forms and formats of "a better life" in all areas of public life - economy, political and cultural activism, art and modes of coexistence in a rapidly growing multi-cultural society, with people of different social backgrounds, cultural heritages, religions, sexes, and generations cooperating peacefully.

The aim of the project is to use theater and performance in new and socially aware ways, to grasp and inhabit - once again - living moments between us, giving voice to the human nature of life, the capacity to dream and act together, and the ability to think, reflect, and to create. This is particularly important in times of growing poverty of the lower and middle classes, of social isolation, economic scarcity, environmental changes, loss of solidarity paired with a new Darwinism in the shape of racism, sexism and terrorism. These alternative models of living and acting in solidarity with each other and the request of public space, creative facility, and democratic action within civil society means to deal with the chasms between autonomy and barbarism.  It entails to engage techniques of experimental theater and performance to promote Cultural Empowerment in dialogue with worldwide social movements intent on giving gestalt to "a new world"!  







Performance Installation with letters and texts by Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan

On the basis of „Herzzeit“, Corresopndence between Ingeborg Bachmann & Paul Celan (2008)
In German Language
In Cooperation with the Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa, Israel, and University of Valencia, Spain
Rights by Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin

Premiere: September 16h, 2010, Valencia/Universitat de Valencia
Performance: Sepember 17th
Premiere Vienna: Mai 2011
Special Thanks to the Austrian Cultural Forum Tel Aviv, University of Valencia

Mise-en-Scène/Space: Eva Brenner (A/USA),
Directing Assitant: Marie Steiner (A),
Technical Support/Projections:
Matja Serdar (HR),
Costume Advisor:
Devi Saha (A)
Performance: Gaby Aldor (IL), Sibylle Starkbaum (A), Doron Tavory (IL), Stephanie Waechter (A)

Texts: Letters from aus „Herzzeit“ (2008) and quotations from poems and prose texts by Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan 


The performance seeks a theatrical equivalent to topics addresssed in the letters, exposing an abyss between two wanderes at the edge of the world, two monumental lyrical-poetic bodies of work testifying to an exemplary love relationship – something Ingeborg Bachmann called “our fairy tale”. Two very unlike partners - she dauther of an Austrian Nazi-father, he son of Jewish Bukowina Holocaust victims – poised  in a livelong struggle to come together as couple who utterly fail, again and again. A special friendship and exceptional artistic dialogue disrupted and shattered by distances, other relationships, false illusions, depressions, and many a broken dream. Up to his suicide at the age of 50 in the water of the river Seine and her fatal accident by fire.  

These protagonists are separated spatially from the outset - an imaginary corridor center stage where audience is seated parts an empty gallery space into equal halves, marking two worlds. The dramatic structure of this unique performance-reading-happening engages actors/actresses from Austria and Israel and follows the phases of the letter-writing and thus Bachmann's/Celan's biographical curves: 1. Young Love in Vienna, 2. First parting and Celans move to Paris, 3. Bachmanns visits in Paris/Uhappy love, 4. Separation and Search for Self, 5. Finding other partners and a new approchment, 7. final failure of the love relationship, suicide and death.  This structure is complemented by two invented theatrical figures acting as "helping hands", technicians, "protecting angles" and commentators at once: two women in working overalls who control the stage, read from the poets' texts, recite, sing, bring along props and even move the protagonists whenever necessary. They perform a commentary level extraneous to the love relation, directing and heightening the "play" from outside, thus moving the action along. The act like "theatre machinist" reminiscent of Tadeusz Kantor who manipulated his own ceration, the dramatis personae! Very much like history manipulates us. .... Thus Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan are not alone onstage, their universe is populated, they are interpreted, echoed, reflected upon in a soft poetic mirror-action. 

Topics of weight of the performance are manidold: search for the essence and contradictions of this unparalleled  love affair in liture of the 20th century, the many poetic cross references, the jump over the abyss and its socio-cultural, historical meanings, the pure movement towards love and the un/evitalble fall into death. The constant attempts of rescue, the cries for help, the irritations, deslusions, destructions - up to the last consequence...  






Discussions at the BUTCHERIE as part of the cyle “ART OF LIFE_transition“ in cooperation with

"GETTING UP, RESTISTING in place of RESIGNING": Crisis and concrete utopias"

Curators: Eva Brenner (A/USA), Peter Kreisky (A)
Moderators: Peter Kreisky (A), Radovan Grahovac (A/HR)
Artistic Director BUTCHERIE: Eva Brenner (A/USA)  



Discussion 1, Mon., Nov. 8th 2010, 7 pm

Refugees and Homeless in Austria today – The question of alternativens
Moderators: Radovan Grahovac & Peter Kreisky
Followed by film projections of recent projects and buffet  


Podium 1, Mo., November 22th 2010, 7 pm
Alternative Media as base of Democracy alive

Investigating the models of Radio ORANGE 94.0 (Vienna), (Vienna) and AUGUSTIN, Magazine for the Homeless.
Moderators: Radovan Grahovac (A/HR) & Peter Kreisky
Participants: Barbara Eppensteiner (Programmleitung,,  Dr. Helga Schwarzwald (Geschäftsführerin Radio ORANGE 94.0), Robert Sommer (AUGUSTIN, Aktionsradius Wien)
Followed by music and buffet  


Discussion 2, Monday, December 13th 2010, 7 pm


Culture, Economy and Change – Questions on the role of the right "Medium“
Moderators: Radovan Grahovac & Peter Kreisky
Followed by film projection and Buffet

Marlene Streeruwitz:


The worldwide financial, economic and civilization crisis since 2008 does not, by far, touch only the poor or lower classes, but also precariously working artists, cultural and intellectual workers, scientists, migrants, activists and professionals of all sorts. The BUTCHERIE presents 2 DOUBLE PORTRAIT DISCUSSIONS and one PODIUM as a variation to the theme of its yearly project cycle „ART OF LIFE_transition“ under the title "GETTING UP; RESSTING instead of RESIGNING".

Peter Kreisky (BUTCHERIE, Republican Club, New Austria) and Radovan Grahovac (Free journalist, ORF, have once again gathered central figures of Art, Culture and Science, amongst hem renowed writer MARLENE STREERUWITZ, who will discuss matters with leading Austrian economist STEPHAN SCHULMEISTER, while well-known women activists working with migrants and homeless, UTE BOCK and VinziRast-Aktivistin CECILY CORTI will exchang issues and News. In theatrilcalized „Double-Portraits“ they address questions relating to current toipcs of and problems within their own projects, describe their genesis and position amongst other initiatives and circumscribe visions for the future. Future options, chances and hindrances as well as the importance of such projects for the advancement of cival society are discussed.

These Portraits re accompanied by one PODIUM with leading media experts on the role of Alternative Media in Austria without wchih new developmejnts seem utterly impossible. Central figures of an impressive more than 20-year development, reaching from free radio to television and a magazine for the homeless, will give insights into the workings and focal points of such projects, open dialogue and pose questions to the audience for further exposure.

The question is raised: which real chances and support structures, which funding sources, networks and developmental structures exist für these very important civil society projects in Austria for a sustainable social advancement of our society today?  

Changes in numbers and names of participants are possible!

AUF ACHSE 2010: alle kommen zu uns

GEWINNER INNOVATIONSPREIS 2010 DER > IG KULTUR WIEN, Kategorie „Internationaler Austausch“

Soziotheatrales Hauptprojekt 2010
in Kooperation mit, Asyl in Not, Verein Ute Bock

Künstlerische Gesamtleitung: Eva Brenner (A/USA)

Teamleitungen: Eva Brenner, Marta Gómez (E), Sakina (Kurdistan), Juan Pablo Vacaflor del Carpio (BOL)

Im Rahmen des Jahreszyklus 2010: "THE ART OF LIFE_transition"
Soziotheatrale & interaktive Kunstprojekte – Handlungsentwürfe der Zukunft 


  • 19. Mai 2010, 17h,
    Gastspiel bei
  • 8. - 10. Juni 2010, jew. ab 19h,
    in Kooperation mit, Asyl in Not,
    Verein Ute Bock

    Eintritt: Spende (€ 10,- erwünscht)

  • 11. Juni 2010, 16-22h,

    Das erste Straßenfest Kirchengasse/Siebensterngasse
    In Kooperation mit Einkaufsstraßenverein "Interessensgemeinschaft der Kaufleute KIRCHENGASSE/SIEBENSTERNGASSE" aktion "kunst trifft wrtschaft trifft migration" und Tanz Atelier Wien