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Die aktuellen Infos zu den wöchentlichen Müllers Mondays + Special Events im April


© Rainer Berson

Müller's MONDAYS 2006

Theater + Music + Action + Discussion + Food + Drinks

...the action continues... every Monday at 6 pm open for all

Part One: February - June 2006

The BUTCHERY is “History”…
The BUTCHERY makes “History”…

An old storefront from the next to last century acquires a new function:

  • A Space for “artistic near-by supply” in the district
  • A new base-center for comtemporary theater “waiting (like Müller's texts) for history”
  • “Searching for new forms of interaction in real life”

open for all, pay as you wish.

With actors, musicians and guests of the BUTCHERY.


APRIL 2006

April 3th, 7:30 pm, „Die abgeschaffte Mutter“

("The replaced mother")

the author Hilde Schmölzer reads from her recently published book aus (Promedia, 2006). Followed by a discussion

April 10th, 6 pm „Ich bin eh ich war“

("I am since I was...")

Performance & Musik nach Texten von Inge Müller
mit Angelica Castello, Thomas Grill, Birgit C. Krammer, Claudia Mader, Maren Rahmann

April 24th, 6 pm „NICE TO MEAT YOU!“

Angelica Castello & Guests: reflections on Heiner Müller, Inge Müller, Michéle Fabien, Jokaste, Ödipus and other encounters at the BUTCHERY
With a short film by Jakub Palacz (Cracow)

MAY 2006

1. Mai, ab 18 Uhr

„ N I X G E H T M E H R ! “ . . . A U F R U F zur P R O T E S T A K T I O N
mit Kunst&Theater&Essen&Trinken&Diskussion&Aktion

Spielort: Kirchengasse 44, 1070 Vienna, OFFICE: Burggasse 34, fon/fax +4315240738

Protest gegen die Kürzung der künstlerischen Subventionen 2006-07 des PROJEKT THEATER STUDIOS in der FLEISCHEREI

Mai 1st, 6 pm (International Workers' Day) „Rauchen Verboten, wenn ihr den Kommunismus noch erleben wollt“

("Smoking prohibited, if you want to see Communism alive")

Very small exercise on Heiner Müllers „Geschichten aus der Produktion“ ("Stories from Production")
Idea & Conzept: Tina Leisch
Actors: Karsten Rühl, Alexander Peer &Michaelangelo Davis.

Mai 8th, 6 pm
Sun Sun YAP – Performance: „Traumtext revisited”

Followed by a discussion with migrants on Heiner Müller

Mai 15th, 6 pm „Herakles 5“ by Heiner Müller, a Performance

Georg Schubert & Team

Mai 22nd, 6 pm „Heiner Müller has a [no] horse“

Performance & Video-action - Performers: Clemens Matzka, Maren Rahmann Videos: Andreas Pamperl, Jakub Palacz
Idea: Martina Hübl

Mai 29th , 6 pm Filmscreening „Die Göttin von Malta“ (1994)

("The goddess of Malta")

Book. Mise-en-scène, music: Peter Kaizar (A), Producer: Britta Kettner (A)
with Peter Kaizar & Britta Kettner
Followed by life music with Karin Zeleny

JUNE 2006:

June 12th, 6 pm
MÜLLERs Mondays Dernière...

„In the REALM OF NECESSITY realism and popularity are two things, but the REALM OF FREEDOM will not move closer if this synthesis is not being tried out again and again.“ – Heiner Müller 1979

Finissage of the Müller-Projektyear 2005-06, BUTCHERY
at the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Heiner Müller's death
Performance, Video, Music & Readings of texts by Heiner Müller, Inge Müller, Hilde Domin and others. Ensemble FLEISCHEREI & guests

  • Reading Uta Wagner (D/B) “Don't get used!” – In Memoriam Inge Müller&Hilde Domin
  • "Videokirmes"-works with portraits of Heiner Müller by Rainer Berson
  • Concert Christiana Uichita (HR/RO)

followed by a Party



Review JANUARY 2006

...Action I + II: Jan. 23rd + 30th, 6 pm non-stop:
Music & Performance with texts by Heiner Müller

Angélica Castelló (MEX, Flöte) & guests: Cordula Boesze, Thomas Grill, Katharina Klement, Claudia Mader, Maren Rahmann, Alfred Reiter, Hermann Stangassinger, Hannes Schweiger

Work-in-progress actions at the BUTCHERY and in the public space. Directed by changing teams of BUTCHERY-activists. In 2006 the new team at the BUTCHERY is continuing the participatory working model first developed for the production HEART.pieces (October/November 2005), bringing together artists, neighbors, political acitvists and people from the district. During a period of 240 hours, 10 interdisciplinary artists of different disciplines worked, performed, lived and discussed Heiner Müller's textsand also cooked for everyone. For 10 days and 10 nights the BUTCHERY stood open for its guests.

Review FEBRUARY 2006

6. 2. First Rehearsal for “Ödipus_stories”

Public reading & discussion
Special Guest: Susanne Schuster, Matriarchal Researcher
“Without Jocaste No Ödipus...”
Michèle Fabien, Jocaste,1981

13.2. With Life Risk / Courage to resist

Live-Interviews with (Art-)Activists
Direction & Videos: Andreas Pamperl

20.2. reading, playing, rehearsing "Hamlet.Macchine"

With Youth and students - based on the play-text by Heiner Müller, 1977
Idea, Direction: Corinne Eckenstein

27.2. „Theaterreform: What remains?"
A cultural-political precedent

Panel Discussion with representatives of Vienna's Free Theater Scene
Entrance & Cocktail: 6 pm
Discussion: 7 pm
Chill-Out starting at 9:30 pm with music by Angélica Castelló & Maren Rahmann


Review MARCH 2006

6.3. Videoscreening of „EDIPO RE“

a film by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1967)
Followed by a discussion on the “Theater of Cruelty” by Antonin Artaud
Ensemble and guests of the BUTCHERY


13.3. Scenes from Rehearsals of „Ödipus_stories“

Followed by a discussion on „Ödipus & Economics“
with Art-, Theater- and Matriarchy-Scholars as well as Economists


20.3. Videoscreening „911 In Plane Site“

„This docuimentary will change September 11, 2001",
William Lewis, Director, 2004,
Followed by a discussion on  „9/11“ and Heiner Müller
Ensemble BUTCHERY & guests from the Free Theater Scene of Vienna


27.3. Opening „ÖDIPUS_stories“ (World Premiere), 7 pm

Performance based on texts by Heiner Müller, Inge Müller, Michèle Fabien & Ensemble

“... In the century of Orest and Electra which is arising, Ödipus will be a comedy.” - Heiner Müller, Projektion 1975


Entrance fee: pay as you wish